Heading to the Dominican Republic

The people of the Dominican Republic have quite a humble, sweet spirit that exudes from them. I have ministered to my beloved Dominican brothers and sisters during four missions trips, three through a ministry called SCORE International. During my third trip (March 2011), I felt God tugging on my heart to return, but during my last trip (February 2014), I did not want to leave – and I actually came close to not leaving after Spirit had issues with our plane, delaying our flight for two and a half hours. Ever since, I have felt home-sick to be back in the DR.

I believe God has truly blessed me with gifts and talents as a nurse, while igniting a passion in my heart to serve the less privileged in the Dominican Republic. My heart’s desire is to love others with the love I have received, to offer my life as a living sacrifice to the One who created me, following Him relentlessly. With that said, I am in the process of becoming a full-time missionary to the Dominican Republic through SCORE International, currently raising support for Missionary Training School (MTS), monthly support and support to go to language school at the Spanish Institute in Costa Rica. This is a tentative timeline of the events mentioned above:

September 27: I will leave Tyler, TX to move back to South Carolina, working while I raise support in Myrtle Beach

February 16-19: Missionary Training School in Chattanooga, TN

February 20-28: Mission trip to the Dominican Republic

Once I am back from the DR, I will continue to raise support until I am able to go to Costa Rica for language school. Since I know basic conversational Spanish, I do not foresee staying longer than 3-6 months maximum.

I would love to share what my ministry will look like while in the Dominican Republic (leading medical teams, serving in the medical clinic, etc). If you are interested in meeting with me, you may contact me by email at vanessa.suggs@gmail.com.

I am ecstatic to begin this Divine expedition to the Dominican Republic. Will you join me?

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